I draw monster lesbians.
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Here, have some FAQ’s.

Are you a lesbian?

It is widely speculated that I am but I am neither confirming or denying this. This is an art blog so let’s focus on that instead of what I’m doing with my lady parts.

Why don’t you draw boys?

I use to think I was driven to balance out the world’s lack of lesbian and female asexual characters.

Now I know I’m just driven by a need to draw boobies.

Why haven’t my asks been answered?

Oh you don’t want me to answer, I’m boring and unpleasant.

The truth is I’m more of a listener than a talker ( or in this case typer. ) and when someone sends me a really sweet message I don’t know what to say. A simple thank you just doesn’t seem sufficient.

If your ask ended up going unanswered that just means that you were so kind that your ask left me speechless. ( Corny. )

Will you draw for me?


Will you draw this pairing?

Probably not.

Art trade?

Unless I have followed or liked your art the answer is probably no.

Do you take commissions?

As tacky as this question is I do get asked it quite a lot, and yes I do.

What do you use to make your drawings?

Paint Tool SAI. Sometimes I draw it on paper before hand though.

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